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Smoke NV Disposables

Smoke NV Disposables

The Smoke NV Disposables are a great short-term product for those who are new to electronic vaporizers. Smoke NV offers a variety of different flavor options, from Blueberry to Cigar, the options are endless! When no more vapor is produced, simply dispose of the unit. Once opened, the unit should be consumed within 2 weeks for optimal experience. Please note: Disposables are NOT intended to be used with Rechargeables.

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  • No Nicotine. No Tobacco. Pure Taste.
  • All Ingredients are food grade.
  • Convenient one-piece ready to-use.
  • 1 disposable is equivalent to approx. 2 packs of traditional cigarettes.
  • 7 aromatic flavors to choose from.


  • No second-hand smoke.
  • Enjoy the sensation of smoking without the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes.
  • No charging or cartridges necessary – just inhale and enjoy!
  • Low initial cost compared to traditional cigarettes.
  • Helps satisfy your desire to smoke by trying different flavors.
  • Save money! Calculate how much it is costing you to smoke traditional cigarettes.


Smoke NV Express Kit

The Smoke NV Disposable comes as a one-piece, ready-to-use, electronic vaporizer. The Disposable requires no cartridges, or refills. Just inhale, and enjoy. When no more vapor is produced, simply dispose of the unit.

For those who prefer cigars, or those that simply light one for a special occasion, Smoke NV presents the Disposable Electronic Cigar. This exciting device recreates the opulent experience of a traditional cigar!

Why Smoke NV?

As a physician owned and operated company, our goal is to create a healthier alternative to our customers. When choosing the right brand of electronic vaporizers, here are things to look out for.