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Disposable E-Vaporizer FAQ

Smoke NV Disposable Product FAQ

Q. What is one Smoke NV Disposable equivalent to?

A Smoke NV Disposable is equivalent to approximately 2 packs of traditional cigarettes based on an average of 3 seconds per puff. The inhalation length determines how many puffs can be achieved.

Inhalation Length (sec)

Approx. # of Puffs Achieved

3 seconds

325-375 Puffs

2.5 seconds

375-425 Puffs

2 seconds

425-475 Puffs

1.5 seconds

475-525 Puffs

Q. Can I reuse a Disposable?

No, Smoke NV Disposables should be disposed of once consumed and no more vapor is produced. For your safety, Smoke NV disposables should not be tampered with.

Q. Is there an on or off switch?

No, Smoke NV is operated with a microchip and sensor that activates when you inhale. Every time you inhale, the Smoke NV device automatically activates producing vapor.

Q. Does Smoke NV offer different flavors?

Yes, Smoke NV Disposables come in 8 great flavors including AustralianCanadian, Menthol, Pomegranate, GrapeCherry, Blueberry and Cigar

Q. How are Smoke NV flavors made?

Smoke NV's great tasting flavours are specially formulated by our team of physicians in Canada to ensure our highest standards. Each flavour is then made by our Japanese partner who is one of the top food based manufacturers in the world. Unlike other companies, our flavours do not contain or come in contact with nicotine, tobacco or harmful ingredients including the world-class facilities they are made in.