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E-Vaporizer FAQ

Smoke NV General FAQ

Q. What is the Smoke NV Electronic Vaporizer?

Smoke NV is a nicotine and tobacco free device that looks, feels and tastes like a traditional cigarette while allowing you to enjoy the sensation of traditional smoking without the harmful effects.

Q. How does it work?

Smoke NV is an electronic device that consists of Smoke NV’s flavor liquid which is formulated in Canada, an atomizer that activates the flavor, a microchip that controls the process and a quality lithium-ion battery. This device converts the water-based liquid into a quickly dissipating vapor which simulates the sensation of traditional smoking. To activate Smoke NV, simply inhale on the mouthpiece and the device will automatically switch itself on and the microchip controller illuminates the LED light and with controlled bursts of energy, atomizes the flavor liquid. Smoke NV instantly delivers a precisely calibrated burst of satisfying flavored vapour for as long as you inhale and automatically turns itself off as soon as you stop inhaling.

Q. What is the vapor that Smoke NV releases?

Smoke NV releases harmless water vapor that vanishes in seconds without hazardous effects to the surroundings and the environment.

Q. How are Smoke NV flavors made?

Smoke NV's great tasting flavours are specially formulated by our team of physicians in Canada to ensure our highest standards. Each flavour is then made by our Japanese partner who is one of the top food based manufacturers in the world. Unlike other companies, our flavours do not contain or come in contact with nicotine, tobacco or harmful ingredients including the world-class facilities they are made in.

Q. Is Smoke NV a smoking cessation product?

No, Smoke NV is not proven to be a smoking-cessation device. However, Smoke NV and its medical directors are currently working with Canadian and International Health Authorities to classify this product as a smoking cessation device.

Q. Is Smoke NV cheaper than traditional cigarettes?

Smokers can save up to 75% by switching to the Smoke NV.

The easiest way to visualize how much traditional cigarettes are costing you, just look at how much it costs to pay for the habit over a month and even a year. Now imagine how much you could have saved over 10 years! You will be surprised by how much money you can save by cutting down or quitting smoking! 

Calculate how much traditional cigarettes are costing you:

How many cigarettes do you smoke each day? /day
How much do you pay for a pack of cigarettes $ /per pack
Imagine what you can do with this per month: $ / month
(averaged to 30.5 days)
Now imagine how much you save in 1 year: $ / year
In 10 years, just imagine what you can do with this: $  


Q. Does Smoke NV offer any of its products with nicotine?

No, Smoke NV products are ALL Nicotine and Tobacco free. We believe that if such a product contains nicotine it could be very harmful as the nicotine has not been tested, and no studies have been done to determine the nicotine absorption rate. It is illegal to have nicotine or other harmful ingredients in such products in countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and many others.

Smoke NV’s ingredients include: Water, Vegetable Glycerin, and Artificial Flavorings. All ingredients are Food Grade and are safe.

Q. Who is a Suitable and Unsuitable user?

Suitable User:

  • People who are determined to smoke in a healthier way.
  • People working in non-smoking areas, but with the habit of smoking.
  • People with long smoking history and suffering from discomfort.

Unsuitable User:

  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women.
  • People under the legal age.
  • People without the habit of smoking.

Q. Why can’t pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding use Smoke NV?

Use of Smoke NV is not officially recommended in these groups because no studies have been conducted examining potential unwanted effects on an unborn fetus, or breastfed newborn. 

Q. I just purchased your product. I'm concerned that you say people with cardiovascular or respiratory conditions shouldn't use the product. Why is that?

Cardiac and respiratory conditions could potentially be aggravated by anything that is inhaled. Additionally, no formal studies evaluating effects of electronic cigarettes on these groups have been conducted. Our physicians at Smoke NV advise that such individuals should avoid inhaling any e-cigarette products until they contact their physician for further assessment and advice.