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Rechargeable E-Vaporizer FAQ

Smoke NV Rechargeable Product FAQ

Q. What is one Smoke NV Cartridge equivalent to?

A Smoke NV Cartridge is equivalent to approximately 25 traditional cigarettes based on an average of 3 seconds per puff. The inhalation length determines how many puffs can be achieved.

Inhalation Length (sec)

Approx. # of Puffs Achieved

3 seconds

325-375 Puffs

2.5 seconds

375-425 Puffs

2 seconds

425-475 Puffs

1.5 seconds

475-525 Puffs

Q. When do I change the cartridge?

Cartridges should be changed when no more vapor is produced. When the amount of vapor in a Disposable product begins to decrease, this is usually an indication that a replacement is needed. When the amount of vapor decreases for a rechargeable, it may also indicate the battery needs to be recharged.

Q. Can I refill the cartridge?

No, Smoke NV Cartridges come pre-filled and are then disposed of once consumed. For your safety, Smoke NV cartridges should not be tampered with.

Q. How long does the rechargeable battery last?

The Smoke NV Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery usually lasts a full day with normal use, and has a life span of 1 year with normal use.

Q. How do I charge the rechargeable battery?

Smoke NV Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries can be charged with all 4 Smoke NV chargers: Power Case, USB Charger and Car Charger. Simply screw the device into the chosen charger.

Q. What does it mean when the indicator light flashes?

If the tip of the battery flashes multiple times this means that the battery needs to be recharged (only applies to the Rechargeables).

Q. Is there an on or off switch?

No, Smoke NV is operated with a microchip and sensor that activates when you inhale. Every time you inhale, the Smoke NV device automatically activates producing vapor.

Q. Does Smoke NV offer different flavors?

Yes, Smoke NV Rechargeables can be used with 8 different flavored cartridges including AustralianCanadian, Menthol, American, Coffee, Apple, Chocolate, and Peach.

Q. How are Smoke NV flavors made?

Smoke NV's great tasting flavours are specially formulated by our team of physicians in Canada to ensure our highest standards. Each flavour is then made by our Japanese partner who is one of the top food based manufacturers in the world. Unlike other companies, our flavours do not contain or come in contact with nicotine, tobacco or harmful ingredients including the world-class facilities they are made in.

Q. How do I clean the Smoke NV Battery?

Cleaning and routine maintenance of your Smoke NV Battery is required to maintain its life and ensure optimum performance. The metal surface of the Smoke NV battery accumulates dirt and residues. It is therefore important to clean it regularly to avoid poor connection between the battery and the cartridge. If you find that your Smoke NV battery is not working properly, and there is little or no vapor being produced, you should follow the steps below: (You'll need a Kleenex and a safety pin)

Step One

Unscrew the battery from the cartridge.

Step Two

Use a Kleenex to clean the outside top of the battery, take the Kleenex and rub it along the outside metal surfaces. If possible try and clean the inside of the threads. Once finished, you should see dirt and dark residue on the Kleenex.

Step Three

Next use a safety pin or toothbrush to do the following: There are two tiny holes on each side of the top of the battery take the safety pin/tooth brush and take the dirt or residue out of those little holes. Take the safety pin/tooth brush and run it along the threads of the battery inside or outside of the metal surfaces. Do not place the safety pin in the middle of the hole of the battery, it can ruin the battery. If you clean the safety pin or look at the tooth brush you will see dirt or black residue.

After cleaning... you will find your Smoke NV battery is working a lot better.