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Why Smoke NV?

Why Smoke NV?

Why Smoke NV?At Smoke NV, we take great pride in the quality of our electronic vaporizers. As a physician owned and operated company, our number one goal is to create quality products that provide a healthier alternative to our customers. However, when comparing the many brands of electronic vaporizers with Smoke NV, it can be hard to tell the difference. But the similarities are only skin deep. The following are just some of the differences in what makes a Smoke NV product superior to other brands.

Q. What is in the liquid solution?

ALL of our ingredients are 100% food grade and completely safe. Smoke NV’s proprietary liquid solution is nicotine free and is manufactured in a world-class facility that does not have any nicotine or other drugs in their plant, and whose customers include 7-Up and Sprite.

  • Be aware of di-ethylene glycol which can also be found in antifreeze and has been shown to be a harmful inhalant.
  • Be aware of non-food grade propylene glycol as well as this is another serious source for concern.
  • Be aware of nicotine. Not only is this illegal in Canada, it is a very unsafe nicotine delivery system for the user.
  • Does the manufacturer create other products containing nicotine? Trace elements of nicotine can contaminate the cartridge.
  • Be aware of unknowingly (and illegally) ordering liquid solution or cartridges containing nicotine online from a US manufacturer.

Q. What type of battery?

Our battery is a lithium-ion battery. Our battery holds a UN 38.3 certification, making it as safe as a camera or laptop battery. Our battery is designed to produce maximum vapor and last the consumer up to one full day on a single charge.

  • Be aware of batteries that do not have UN 38.3 certification.
  • Be aware of batteries that are not lithium ion.
  • Be aware of batteries with higher than 4.2 volts.
  • Buyers should be asking if our competitor’s chargers and accessories are CSA and CUL approved.

Q. How is the vaporizer manufacturered?

Our vaporizers are manufactured with a specific emphasis on safety, quality and durability. All Smoke NV interior metal parts are free of element particles (which could potentially be inhaled by the consumer); our cartridges are screwed onto the battery component, not glued. Smoke NV atomizers are all heat treated to ensure no residual metal toxins can be inhaled by the consumer.

  • Substandard manufacturing processes & materials pose serious potential risk to the consumer.
  • Did you know many competitors use toxic glue to attach atomizers, adding another potentially harmful inhalant for consumers? 
  • We are not aware of another manufacturer that takes the initiative or time to ensure that their products are the safest possible.

Q. What is the testing process?

Working closely with our manufacturing facility, Smoke NV has custom designed and manufactured a sanitary and safe instrument to test our cartridges.

  • Some competitors test cartridges by actually putting their mouths on the product & inhaling, resulting in cross-contamination.